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Marksmanship - Shooting with an Optic

I’ve been shooting pistols for over 30 years, always open sights, occasionally a scoped revolver, T/C or air pistol, and I never thought I would like the option of a red dot, until I tried it. What a game changer; during my very first range session I’d say my groups shrank a good 20%, not bad right? During the same range session our group decided to try the Eli drill, you know, Eli Dickens, guy who took down an active shooter with a Glock, 9mm. The “Eli Drill” as it is known, is comprised of 10 shots in 15 seconds at a distance of 40 yards, drawing from concealment. I was able to score 9 hits out of 10, keep in mind, low stress by comparison to Eli’s actual challenge. So, I got to thinking, what changed? Why is this so much better? Well...  Read More

It's Not All About Firearms

The Start of a Very Good Thing We are shooters. No question about it. One of the things that drove us (back in 2009!) to creating this company in the first place was the fact that we truly enjoy the shooting sports, and we saw that there was a market for a concierge gun shop that wasn't all about maximizing profit and minimizing customer interaction. From that basic idea, we formed what is now Four Peaks Tactical, and have expanded our reach into manufacturing our own line of modern sporting rifles that have become very popular amongst our customers. We use everything that we manufacture, both on the competition circuit and during those, "just for fun" range days. Hearing from our customers just how much they enjoy shooting our products...  Read More

Welcome to Four Peaks Tactical

Four Peaks Tactical is a Veteran-owned small business, based in Scottsdale, AZ, that focuses on high quality manufacturing of Modern Sporting Rifles, such as the AR-15, AR-10, AR-9, and AR-45 platform. Our mission is providing high-quality, desirable firearms at reasonable prices. We also offer custom manufacturing at off-the-shelf prices Our factory showroom, located at 10458 E. Jomax Rd, Suite 102, in Scottsdale is open from 9am-6pm Tuesday through Friday, and 10am-3pm on Saturday. Aside from the products we manufacture, we consider ourselves a concierge gun shop, and we carry a good selection of popular handguns and specialty airguns. We also have great relationships with the largest distributors in the nation, so we can special ord...  Read More